The Author

Hello! My name is Jude.

I started this blog to help you with achieving your goals of advancing your career and reaching financial freedom. I am not a financial professional (yet), but I have already taken many steps towards making that official. That said, here are some of the roles that I play in my life right now.

A raketero. This is exactly why I believe I have the relevant experience to talk about hustling and being raketero. As a young boy, I have always been enterprising. I inherited it from my parents. When I was in elementary, I used to decline the allowance that my parents give me (which they get from our small business), then engage in buy-and-sell in school, and use my earnings as my daily allowance. Now, I still do side-hustles freelancing and buying-and-selling things, while keeping a day job.

A working professional. Just like the people that I dedicate this blog for, I am an employee who works 8 hours a day, for a monthly salary. I work full-time for the shared service arm of a large multinational that provides information and analytics for professionals and businesses across many industries. I understand how challenging it is for a normal, non-elite, non-privileged person to chase financial freedom and climb that proverbial career ladder.

A breadwinner. Who isn’t, right? As Filipinos, being part of the Sandwich Generation has become normal (or even a default) and is a vicious cycle that has trapped (or continues to trap) many of us. I believe in devotedly supporting our families, but I also believe in working towards breaking that cycle of dependency.

A manager. On top of nurturing my own, I have also been managing the work and developing careers of other people for some years now. I have seen how handful types of people deal with career progression and struggle with job institutionalization. I have seen (and helped) some of them rise and succeed in their areas of specialization, in their respective organizations. I have seen some of them settle, seemingly satisfied with what they are already doing and earning.

A son. My parents are very enterprising and industrious people, who influenced me early on. Both of them came from very meager beginnings, but they worked very hard to release themselves from those conditions. Their stories of their enterprise in their childhood have always inspired me to work for a better lifestyle not just for myself but for my family.

A partner. One of the reasons why I started finding and setting up multiple streams of income is because I am preparing to get married to my beautiful fiancée. Most of my exposure to financial planning is because of my exploration of alternative and additional ways of increasing my income to prepare for our wedding day and family life.

It’s just me doing all the content for this blog right now, but anyone who shares the same advocacy and would like to contribute content here is more than welcome to do so.